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The Met Building
London, UK


Lazari Investments appointed Forme UK to refresh and enhance the identity and standard of The Met Building to meet the expectations of contemporary high-profile tenants.

Our approach aimed at improving various aspects of the building, such as focusing on enhancing the arrival experience through the two existing entrances - The Podium and The Tower, improved circulation within the building, creating a more inviting and efficient environment, and brighter and more contemporary office floor areas to provide a modern and appealing workspace. We transformed outdoor services platforms into fully accessible outdoor landscaped spaces and terraces for tenants to enjoy and added an external steel staircase that connects the service yard to the basement to provide access to a new cycle storage area.

We also converted an unused southern roof area, which was primarily used as a mechanical plant storage, into a versatile enclosed space called “The Met Lounge.” This space can serve multiple purposes, such as a café, events venue, and yoga studio. Located beneath sliding glass roof panels, allowing natural light to flood in, and offers breathtaking views of southern London through the existing rectangular openings, which act like frames, beautifully framing the scenic views and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.


Lazari Investments





Coming soon.




100,000 sq. ft.

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